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First State FC

For 80 years, Conrad was the home of the Redskins. And like many high schools across the country, Conrad Schools of Science eventually had to address the fact that their longtime team name had to go. We were contacted to re-brand their student voted update, because they knew we weren’t going to let the fact they are just a high school get in the way of a great sports design.


We treated the newly named Redwolves like they were an NCAA D1 team. Every aspect was thought of from primary logos, secondary and tertiary marks, all the way down to custom typography. With this being a complete rebrand it allowed Conrad to choose a new tone for their athletics department.


With an updated aggressive styling, they needed a direction for their uniform designs. Something that could be easily altered and updated over time, and that the school could afford at that level. Working inside predetermined templates to keep cots down, but with a new eye to get the most out of it, we designed all the varsity uniform kits.


More than uniforms, more than logos, more than merchandise. We wanted to create a brand that students couldn’t wait to get their hands on. A brand that would have merchandise could be seen as an actual revenue builder for this growing school. A brand that would make students and alumni proud to wear.

We’ve had so many positive responses to the new icons that The Barn developed for us. We couldn’t have asked for a more complete and anxiety free experience throughout the process. Our students are very proud to #WearTheWolf!”

Joshua Farside

Conrad Schools of Science


Sometimes you have to measure success not in dollars and cents, but with decibels and stickers. In the course of only 1 year this brand has grown way beyond what we thought it would become. It is hard to walk around town and not see a student or parent wearing a sweatshirt or a car with a sticker. Merchandise needs to be pre-ordered for stock to remain on shelves and 5 foot tall logos are being placed on an entire campus remodel.

You aren’t going to find many high schools with a 65 page style guideline for their athletics program, but The Barn is proud to make sure Conrad was ready for the future. We wish them all the success we can with the growth of a storied school.