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Why would we take on the branding and marketing strategy of an HVAC company? Because they needed it. It a market as saturated and Jacksonville, and the heat of Florida, HVAC is a big business – and if you don’t stand out from the crowd, your competition will get the work.


Our first step was to get the logo up to snuff. They have had an actual mascot for years (legitimately a pro level mascot suit) so we created out strategy around “Max”. He would literally be the face of this company, making the business more friendly and inviting.


The branding is where the strategy really took off. We all know that branding is about standing out from the crowd, and in Jacksonville HVAC is a dime a dozen… so how are we going to make sure that people know, recognize, and remember the brand? COLOR.

We wanted to push two strategies. “COOL” Blue and “Everything is a branding opportunity”. From trucks, to tech shirts, to basic pamphlets, to condenser stickers, we pushed the brand into every facet we could. The Cool Blue color we produced was thought of like Tiffany’s diamonds or Louboutin Heels… we wanted to OWN the color in Jacksonville. People didn’t need to know every detail of every brand engagement. All they needed to see was that Cool Blue to know it was McGowan’s


Marketing reached way past truck designs and into their digital footprint. After updating their website to be more user friendly, we pushed into digital advertising. From Google ad spend to targeted Facebook ads ands and social media management we controlled the day to day visuals for this brand.
Social proof? How about 510% monthly user growth and over a million targeted ad impressions.


Our biggest (literally) campaign to date. A full stadium takeover for McGowans’s at TIAA Bank Stadium/the Jacksonville Jaguars and their over 50,000 square feet fo scoreboards. How to do you engage a city with branded content from an HVAC company? Make them scream the companie’s phone number!

Every time an opposing team has a field goal attempt, our campaign takes over every screen to try to #CoolTheKicker. If successful McGowan’s Heating & Air Conditioning donates $1,000 to local charities. We aren’t just activating fans, we aren’t just advertising a client, we are changing football dialect in a city. This campaign switched to “Turn up the Heat” latter in he season as well!


We even produced both TV ads and social videos in-house! Working with large scale HVAC partners and vendors we produced some videos in lightning speed times for this large client. Whether large or small we always tried to push the envelope, whether it was fun a quirky halloween videos for facebook, or large scale TV ads regionally.

Quote coming soon…”


There are lots of results when it comes to a 2 year contract with your hand in all that is marketing for a large company. We could talk about brand equity and growth. We could talk about the 3 National Design Awards we have won (for HVAC work!). We could talk about killer tangible growth rates like 510% monthly website user growth and over a million social ad impressions and 7,000 click throughs while being out spent 4-1.

But the numbers we like reminding ourselves happened in the first half of this contract. In the only first 9 months of this contract, with a complete paradigm shift for this company, we hit our revenue proof of concept for the year, while saving them $150K