We are storytellers. We are brand architects. We build legacies. In a world of standard logos and designs, we elevate your brand by intertwining your unique narrative with innovative creative, ensuring every facet is not just visually compelling but deeply resonant.

We develop brands that forge connections between the heart and story of the team and passion of the fans that resonates on and off the field.

About Us - The Barn Creative An image of our offices in Wilmington, Delaware. With a selections of graphic design awards hanging on the wall for our work in creative, logo, and poster design


barn • /bärn/ A hockey rink or arena. Especially an old one with a wooden roof. “The barn was packed to the brim for the championship.”

Our Story

The Barn is an 95x national award winning creative agency. We have branded The Walt Disney World Marathon, The AFL All-Star Game, multiple professional sports teams, and breweries. Head to toe work for adidas, the NFL, The Jacksonville Jaguars, NBC Sports, The New Jersey Devils, CCM, Vegas Golden Knights, Rockwell tools, and Wahl. We strive for more than just making something look good, we try to make our work connect with customers on an emotional level. We are story tellers, brand builders, and strategic thinkers. The Barn’s strength is not simply held in our ability to design and advertise; it is demonstrated through our knowledge of the field, flexibility to move & adjust, and pure work ethic. We are more than our design awards. We are more than our work in the Hockey Hall of Fame. We are creative agency that focuses in sports, and because of our business structure can keep your costs down. We have the passion to do it right and the knowledge to pull it off. We have worked with clients of all sizes, demands, and qualities. We have the knowledge of production and how to keep costs low. Most importantly we approach each project as a team and look to partner with our clients.

Our Awards

86+ american graphic design award winner
Our Team - The Barn Creative

Our Team

Our unique difference is our structure. We are not some mega agency with huge overheads. Our founder Nick is the only “full time” employee of The Barn. This agency is made up of freelancers, contractors, and partnerships with other small firms to get the best work for the best price. While some see this as a weakness, it is actually a strength. You are not handcuffed by the personnel of a traditional agency – We custom build the agency to your needs for every project. You aren’t paying for people and talent that is not associated with your job or jobs.

Shoot us a message and we will gladly give you a breakdown of our current long term and “regular” team members.

What others are saying

I want to create something we call a “franchise brand.” Like a franchise player, it is something you base your team around. A brand that will not only stand the test of time, but make an emotional connection to fans and a community.”

Nick Matarese

Founder, The Barn Creative

Our Founder

Like a lot of successful companies Nick Matarese started with a big idea, in a small space. Nick founded, and is the creative director of The Barn, an award winning branding agency, which he started in a 100-year-old barn apartment. Nick entered the design world upon graduation from the University of Delaware Visual Communications program. While working for The Henson Group, he designed and created ads for multiple Adidas brands and Brute Wrestling, while also working with lacrosse star, John Grant Jr., Olympic gold medalists, and many NCAA programs. Nick’s experience has helped him grow and truly understand the strength of a sports brand and how its design can shape a community. Nick ventured out on his own, starting The Barn in October 2010 and has worked with a variety of organizations such as: Disney, Adidas, NBC Sports, The Jacksonville Jaguars, GK Elite, Adobe, AFL Global, WORX, Wahl, The University of Delaware, Endeavor Sportswear, Brute Wrestling, and many minor league sports programs.