Pumpkin Pies - NBC Sports' Thanksgiving Second Feast Face-Off
Pumpkin Pies - NBC Sports' Thanksgiving Second Feast Face-Off

Pumpkin Pies

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Never settle – how can we say pumpkin twice? Combining the idea of Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin/Jack-o-lantern gave a nice, mean look to the overall silly idea of your team being named after pie.


The uniforms is where the diverse nature of Columbus fans came into play. While a minor league team across all sports leans towards a younger crowd, the Cottonmouths also have a denser fans base of adults. We merged these with a clean & crisp jersey design, but with details for a younger fan base. That detail is a subtle custom snake skin pattern that lays inside the arms along with a hanger effect of the teams chant. That detail of the snake skin pattern made their way into the numbers as well. We customized the typeface used across all media for the numbering system and inlayed the snakeskin pattern. The devil is in the details.

The Barn helped us take on the exciting task of revamping not only our logo, but our entire brand. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the attention to detail and assistance with project management from Nick and his team. <It> was terrifying, but The Barn made the process feel almost effortless and brought our vision to life in the most vivid way.

Abbie Meadows

Marketing Manager, Columbus Cottonmouths


Our biggest professional re-design to date has also been our largest award winning. The Barn was awarded with a Top 50 New Logos of the Year in 2016. With the Creamer Awards being the top of the top in sports design, them putting us in the same group as teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs is a pretty high honor. Beyond awards for our agency it was wildly successful for the team as well. We all know that sports design is closely related to merchandise sales, and it is even more important in the minors where every dollar counts. We are proud to say that the Cottonmouths merchandise sales were more than double the year they launched the new branding!
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