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Billings Mustangs

Billings Mustangs

We were excited and humbled when we were approached to update the brand of the Billings Mustangs. Any time you get the chance to work with a team or organization with such history as the Mustangs, it is always a balancing act of creating something new while also paying respect to the team and the history of their marks.


The Mustangs 3/4 logo is where we got to flex, so this Mustang mark is where we put our full strengths and efforts. What really bugged us through all of those previous Mustangs logos were that none of them were BILLINGS mustangs, and we wanted to fix that above all. This new “dark horse” mustang has the the most recognizable part of Billings, the Rimrocks, rooted directly into it – much like the identity of the city itself


Right out of the gate we stated that “on paper” they had a lot going right in their visual branding. The previous marks were well done, but the tone of voice wanted and needed to be updated for ownerships new vision of the organization. We wanted to bring some history back to the logos in simple ways, and push the look where we could. This was going to be more of a revamp than a total redo.

This updated and more western look for the Mustangs drove us into a “Friday Night Lights” brand we fell in love with during our research and development phase. Billings has a great nickname of “Magic City” that came about from the rapid growth in the 1880’s and we just had to make a “City Jersey” for this. Keeping this overall western theme, it just brings some fun and local flair to the brand overall. Much like the “Rimrocks Mustang” this mark is 100% about making it specific to Billings and not just an updated logo.
sports merchandising for the Billings Mustangs


But like most of our projects, we understand that it is much more than just a “cool logo.” We understand that it is hats, rally towels, and 1 color shirts that drive a minor league team. Making something that could scale well and reproduce easily, without loosing that brand image was key and is always paramount in all of our brands. We joke that most men have a rotating cycle of about 10 shirts (they have a lot more, but there are 10 they cycle through). So what can we do to add or replace a shirt from that rotation with one of ours? And on a lighter note, we had a blast making the official “Beer Batter” logo

The folks at the barn creative got to know us, listened, gave us a lot of options, and, ultimately hit it out of the park. we now have a look that is unique to Billings, respectful of our 74 year history, and both fun and cool for our fans. it was a great experience from start to finish”

Dave Heller

Billings Mustangs


We love the work for the Mustangs but when your client likes the work just as much as you, it makes it all worth it. A great testimonial from the owner goes a long way when the brand hit the field, but not only that it TRIPLED their merchandise sales! There is not better proof of ROI than that.