Delaware Thunder
Delaware Thunder

Delaware Thunder

When a new professional hockey team is coming to your state, you do what you need to do. It is rare in our industry to have a turnaround time of about 72 hours for a professional sports team, but we did it! Secondary logos, tertiary logos, revisions, things that hit the cutting room floor – all within that deadline was a challenge, but we were up to the task.


With the time crunch we knew we simply didn’t have the time to reinvent the wheel in realms of design. That doesn’t mean we were going to let a sub-par brand out the door. Made even more interesting with a management team with a strong overall vision, using our expertise in guiding the team into what they truly liked was a fun exercise.


We knew the uniforms were going to be pretty simple in realms of minor league hockey jerseys, so we got to add the edge the team wants to portray through our designs. Dark shadows, aggressive angles, grit – and that pop of electric yellow really drives it home.

sports merchandising design for Delaware Thunder


But like most of our projects, we understand that it is much more than just a “cool logo.” We understand that it is hats, rally towels, and 1 color shirts that drive a minor league team. Making something that could scale well and reproduce easily, without loosing that brand image was key and is always paramount in all of our brands.

Working closely with Nick Matarese at The Barn, and logos they created, I feel is the best logo in the league (FHL).  Nick is professional and with his hockey background it was an easy decision to go with The Barn”

Charlie Pens

Delaware Thunder


The reality is that if it were not in our home state, this branding probably would have never happened. A 72 hour turnaround (with revisions and multiple options) is almost impossible to make, especially up to our standards. We are happy we did it though as it would have drove us nuts to see a bad sports brand in our backyard. We hope Delaware’s first professional hockey team the best of luck, and loved seeing that new logo on a jersey.