Wilson Generals
Wilson Generals

Wilson Generals

When Wilson approached us to brand a team based loosely around their evoshield brand, it seemed pretty straight forward. Evoshield – Shield. But like all of our brands we tried to take it a step further and deep dive into the details of brand story telling.


We did not want to steer too far away from the overall new aged military feel. Less is more, the subtle details & uniforms will tell the story. But those stencil fonts, beveled G, and arched type that match the army ranger patch, came out really clean. We even did a mascot dubbed “general bonesaw” by the players with the evoshield logo as the nose.


Our Generals brand for Wilson baseball really shined in real life, and you couldn’t ask for better photography. Sometimes when we work with clients we can feel when they get excited because they have something up their sleeve – and the green/grey uniforms were it, as it really drove home that military feel.

Sports merchandising design for Wilson Generals


From logos on jerseys and hats (to be expected) down to custom protective evoshield gear, bags, and all manors of sideline gear (hoodies, shorts, training gear). Our personal favorite were the custom dog tags each player received to match the overall brand tone.

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Wilson Generals


This project showed that even with something “simple” there is always room for storytelling in sports design. The arched typography matching the army ranger patch, coupled with a custom stencil font shows the depth we will go to. And though that might seem like a simple step, the 40 other sketches of research into American military insignia and design brought us to that inevitable brand. Most of the time when we get samples of branding projects there is a little extra swag thrown in. An extra hat, a T-shirt, maybe some stickers….but EvoShield went full blown custom engraved pro level baseball bats! That’s all the proof we need to know we were successful in our work.