Green Bean Casseroles - NBC Sports' Thanksgiving Side Dish Bowl
Green Bean Casseroles - NBC Sports' Thanksgiving Side Dish Bowl

Green Bean Casseroles

This is where we everyone was pretty much in agreement right away. We always try to understand what makes up a brand. not just a logo, not just colors, but what emotions come from it. When we looked into the Casseroles one thing came to mind…. the same ceramic dish that every parent/grandmother/great aunt/friend down the street in America has somewhere in a cabinet.


We knew that looking down on a casserole dish would give us a nice badge/shield shape to build the rest of the logo. We had to go more symbolic than we originally thought, but adding in some swirling green beans with some golden colors to represent friend onions gave this a sporty-er than usual look.


This was the easiest uniform we did because all we had to do was let the nostalgia of that classic dish rise to the top. It was not about trying to force it, but simply let it shine through. Green beans on top, golden fried onions in the arms, white ceramic dish on the bottom. That custom detail in homage to the design (replacing leaves with footballs) running up the leg drives it home. This was about getting out of the way of something inevitable.


Like everything else in the brand the helmet needed to be classic. Big white center stripe, let the logo shine, done. The gloves was where we needed to have more fun and make it all a little less serious. There was a small silly internal battle of “ ‘Role Call” vs “Get your ‘Role on” as a team battle cry. In the end ‘Role Call just simply looked better being made out of green beans and on gloves.

The Barn helped us take on the exciting task of revamping not only our logo, but our entire brand. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the attention to detail and assistance with project management from Nick and his team. <It> was terrifying, but The Barn made the process feel almost effortless and brought our vision to life in the most vivid way.

Abbie Meadows

Marketing Manager, Columbus Cottonmouths


Our biggest professional re-design to date has also been our largest award winning. The Barn was awarded with a Top 50 New Logos of the Year in 2016. With the Creamer Awards being the top of the top in sports design, them putting us in the same group as teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs is a pretty high honor.

Beyond awards for our agency it was wildly successful for the team as well. We all know that sports design is closely related to merchandise sales, and it is even more important in the minors where every dollar counts. We are proud to say that the Cottonmouths merchandise sales were more than double the year they launched the new branding!

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