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Dew Point Brewing Co

Dew Point Brewing Co.

We at The Barn like to say that we niche in masculine centered design. So, what is more masculine than branding a brewery. We were commissioned to fully brand the one of the newest breweries in Delaware. Creating a brewery in place where a 100 year old snuff mill used to be, we knew we were going to have to get industrial in the design of the branding.


We wanted something both rustic and industrial, yet still clean and bold enough to last the test of time…. it wouldn’t hurt if it looked good on merchandise either. We also needed to create some tertiary marks around its location. One of our most proud pieces of branding is in the tap handle. Something we actually produced in-house with a laser etcher, it mimics the Snuff Mill smoke stack still on the property.


As we control all visual marketing and design for this brewery we also get to dabble in video production as well. As a creative agency we always try to go little above and beyond even if the end product is only going to be on social. Whether we shoot it with our studio setup or have friends of ours (actual video production agencies that are ok with getting paid in beer) we have made some really great stuff for this client.


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Each beer gets its own in-brewery poster and each week Dew Point has at least 3-4 social posts about beer or what is going on in the tasting room. It keeps us busy designing what we love. Sticking to a fairly strict visual strategy and design standard we have produced a lot of great work.

They created an image for our business that was recognizable, and allowed our customers to associate with the quality beers and experiences that our unique facility creates. They support our brand with their world-class design work, and their social media efforts.”

John Hoffman

Founder, Dew Point Brewing Co.


The proof is in the pudding. 8 National Design awards for a micro brewery in Delaware spanning from branding to design.

Sticking to our fairly strict visual strategy and design standards we have produced a lot of great work for Dew Point Brewing Co. and look forward to more award winning work in the future.