With growth brings opportunity. We are looking for people, not robots.

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We’re currently running at full staff, but are always interested in discovering talented people to bring into the fold… As a small agency here are the roles we are ALWAYS looking for:

Account Director/Manager

(you never know)


(We are ALWAYS looking for new/good designers)


If your curious in what you are getting into, here was our most recent job opening:

The Barn is always open to looking for new Graphic Designers.

Basic Description

We are growing, and we want to bring someone in to lighten the load. In true Barn fashion, we are going to try to keep this job description anything but stuffy. We are looking for “Jr Designer”, but in reality we are looking for someone who is a team player and not afraid to step out of their comfort zone every once in a while.

Working directly with the Creative Director and other team members, you will be responsible for assisting in the design of new and existing materials, branding packages, social graphics, online ads, website design, and more for a variety of large and small clients. We are looking for someone proficient in Adobe CC, but more importantly passionate, curious, hard working, and collaborative. This position will be freelance based.

Nuts and Bolts

Position: Graphic Designer

Location: Wilmington, DE (Hercules building, inside 1313 Innovation)

Status: Freelance

Starts: —-

Rate: $30- $50 per hour DOE

Schedule: on-site, 2 times per week. Could possibly switch to partial off-site over time.

Estimated Duration: 1 month “trial period”, then 3 month minimum with probable expansion

Behind the Curtain

We pride ourselves on transparency here, so lets talk about the position a bit more.

We have been growing over the past year and with that growth brings opportunity to hire more talent. Current projects we are working on include the need for proficiency in: Photoshop (clipping people out of photos at a high level), Illustrator (we focus in a lot of branding), and it trails off from there with a little work in inDesign/social/video/and others… just being creative and solving problems……in reality we need a designer to lean on a bit for a bunch of clients – including the “cobblers shoe” that is our own website.

This is a position that is 2 days a week, and 5 hour days so we can be flexible with your schedule. Much like our requirements, our ideal candidate is not set in stone, but we are open to college students and early stage freelancers. That is correct, we are accepting college students. Those 2 days can flex with your schedule, and we can do this for college credit if you would like – and we will still pay you.. If we do hire a student we refuse to you treat you like one: real jobs for real clients, no coffee runs, work experience that will look good when you graduate.

P.S. – Most of our clients lie in the sports and entertainment world – so an interest in sports may help, but is in no way a requirement. But one of our clients is a brewery, so if you have issues with promoting alcohol you should probably bow out.


We need a couple things:

1 – Resume

Personally we hate them, but we need something that resembles one that gives your stats.

2 – Portfolio

It’s ok if you don’t have some fancy web presence. It’s also ok if you do. We are looking for more “traditional” print/design skills so if you have killer work on a behance or flickr page that we can see, we will take it.

3 – Something else

We are looking for people, not robots. So tell us what makes you different and what won’t show up on a resume/portfolio. Something that may or may not land you the job…. You are former state champ javelin thrower who now is obsessed with crossfit. You have a new macbook with CC and won’t require a computer. You are not so secretly a huge Harry Potter nerd. You intimately know silkscreen, vinyl, embroidery or some other form of production. You dabble in silly stop motion animations. You love good photography over anything, but really like your Holga…. what makes you, You.

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